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Reach Customers Around The World

Create a global online presence for your business with the addition of a custom website exclusively design for you by Ideation Design Group. We lead the way in full web site development and design services. Whether you are looking for a simple, inexpensive HTML site or a fully integrated e-commerce site, we can custom tailor your website to your specific needs. We will integrate your website into your overall marketing plan and maximize the return on your design investment. Additionally, we also offer search engine optimization for both static and active search strategies as well as hosting, domain registration, and monthly site maintenance.

What Type of Website Do I Need?

A professionally designed website is one of the most important marketing vehicles in use today. With the proper branding and site design it is easily possible to make the smallest company in the world look like the largest. A website is a critical component to all complete marketing plans and allows customers to access your company information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The single most important decision is determining what kind of website you really need. We offer three types of basic website strategies:

Recruitment: A website designed for a business which is near 100% Internet based (think A recruitment website will most likely have an e-commerce component where customers can purchase products directly from the site online. For this type of site a budget for Search Engine Marketing is a mandatory for it to work correctly. Businesses that need this type of website have an infrastructure to process online orders and normally will lack a retail storefront.

Referral: A referral type website is not really designed to gather customers from search engines but it is rather a reference for customers being referred by other forms of marketing (such as a magazine ad). This type of site typically will consist of a photo gallery or basic reference information that the customer can use to contact the business. A referral site will not have an e-commerce component and is design to ultimately get the customer to call, email, or visit the business for more information.

Mixed: A mixed website is a combination of a Recruitment and Referral type website. These websites may or may not have an e-commerce component but the potential customers will be coming from both search engine marketing as well as other referral sources.

To Google or Not To Google?

Many clients new to marketing on the Internet or that are revising an old website are commonly under the impression that being listed at the top of any given search engine will just happen. Unfortunately, due to the ultra completive nature or the industry, this is not so unless they want to pay for it or have the time to be very patient with organic rankings. Everybody on the Internet ultimately has the same goal and search engines such as Google know this and make a lot of money. So is it worth spending money on search engine marketing such as Google AdWords? Well, yes and no. These days it can cost a lot to be listed on the first page and unless you have a very unique market or selling proposition. For a majority of businesses we recommend taking a mixed approach and while being conservative when it comes to online marketing.